OJ Simpson Now Charged With Kidnapping—and 10 Other Charges—in Las Vegas Casino Hotel Robbery Case

There are now 11 formal criminal charges against former football hero O.J. Simpson in the alleged armed robbery crime at a hotel room in the Palace Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas last Thursday. 10 of the charges are for felony crimes and include kidnapping with use of a deadly weapon.

According to prosecutors, Simpson committed kidnapping-along with his co-defendants-because they meant to detain or hold the two alleged robbery victims. The ex-football player and three other people are accused of pointed guns at sports memorabilia dealer Alfred Beardsley and collector Bruce Fromong while they stole the sports memorabilia, Beardsley’s sunglasses and baseball cap, and Fromong’s cell phone from the room. Fromong, who suffered a massive heart attack after the alleged robbery is in critical condition at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Police say that Simpson allegedly masterminded the armed robbery-although he has denied that a robbery ever took place or that there were guns involved. Two guns, however, were recovered.

In an audiotape recording, Simpson can be overheard ordering the men around and accusing someone of stealing from him. He claims that the items he recovered belonged to him and were stolen from him.

Simpson was released from jail after paying $125,000 in bail. His arraignment is scheduled for October 22. He is expected to plead not guilty to the criminal charges.

Kidnapping In Massachusetts, kidnapping is considered a crime against a person that is punishable for up to 10 years in prison. Massachusetts General Laws, Crimes Against the Person – Chapter 265, Section 26, describes kidnapping as the confinement or imprisonment of a person secretly, forcibly, or without lawful authority and against the person’s will.

Kidnapping is considered a very serious felony crime. Kidnapping, accompanied by the extortion of money or other valuables, can be grounds for a lifetime prison sentence.

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