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Hello. How is your Saint Patrick’s/Evacuation Day going? Various Massachusetts policepeople are particularly on guard today against people who might stereotypically drink alittle too much. Folks do strange things when they are drunk, and this blog has discussed many such incidents. One incident today, however, leaves many wondering if the gentleman responsible was drunk, disturbed or something in between.

A yet-to-be-determined suspect, believed to be a man, we’ll call him “Newton Gunman”, had best meet with a Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer since he fired his gun in Newton in a very unsafe manner. The police say he is “armed and dangerous” after he fired multiple shots into the back door of a closed jewelry store today, according to law enforcement.

Newton Gunman is described as male, wearing a dark, collared jacket, and a hooded sweatshirt with jeans. According to the reports, Newton Gunman fired at least eight shots with his Newton handgun, silver in color, into a glass door at Cristofori Jewelers on Watertown Street just before 4:30 p.m.

While there were three employees inside, nobody was hurt..

Attorney Sam’s Take On Massachusetts Assault And Gun Crimes

Over the years, I have come upon various kinds of clients. Some say they don’t know what the Commonwealth is talking about when they bring nasty criminal allegations. Some have stories that make me think, “there but for the grace of G-d go I”. Others leaving me scratching my head and tilting it at various uncomfortable angles trying to find the one through which their little adventure seemed like a good idea at the time.

What would have moved Newton Gunman to fire shots into a store and take off? Was he drunk and thought it was a funny prank? Did he intend to pull a Newton robbery, but tripped, accidently firing the gun (eight times) and then took off? Perhaps he was simply a gun for his own protection, yet thought that the jewelry inside constituted a threat and so he shot in self-defense and took off?

One thing we do know, however. The Commonwealth will treat this matter seriously. These days, anything involving Massachusetts gun possession …unless, of course, deals are made…is treated with no tolerance. There is a mandatory minimum sentence for mere illegal possession of a gun in Massachusetts and prosecutors take that seriously as well.

I represented a young man once who had no prior record. He was found in possession of a gun for which he had no license. He was a good student. He had a sympathetic reason why he felt he needed to carry the gun. When police came upon him, he was polite and did everything right. The officers called him a “gentleman”. The prosecution demanded that he serve the mandatory minimum time in jail. Fortunately, I got the case dismissed because of the Massachusetts rules against illegal search and seizure, but that is another story.

In another matter, an older man, again with no prior record, had a gun which was actually legal for him to have and transport. However, in a time of panic, he pointed the gun at someone he perceived to be a threat. Never fired it. Nobody was hurt. He was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and he went to jail.

In this case, we do not know if Newton Gunman had a license to carry the gun. We do know, however, that he did not carry a license to shoot the gun into a store. Further, his wanton act of doing so could easily have injured or killed someone. It had to have caused property damage.

So, Newton Gunman, if he has any rationality, should wake up and realize that what he did was a serious crime and, if he hasn’t already, retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to get in on the “ground floor” and advise/represent him.

It is likely only a matter of time before he will find that he absolutely needs one. In court.

Should you have such a lapse of judgment, or , at least are accused of having had one, you should do the same. If you would like to confer with me, feel free to call me and arrange a free initial consultation at 617-492-3000.

The time you save may be your own!

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