Yesterday, we discussed modern technology and how it helps the Commonwealth in its endless pursuit of….well…, if you happen to have a Massachusetts outstanding warrant.

When we left off, the question was posed of whether or not someone who is out of state, or out of country, can address an outstanding warrant without physically showing up in the Massachusetts courthouse from which it was ordered.

The answer is, as it is with most things in the criminal justice system, it depends.

In fact, this opens us to a discussion of the other side of the coin…how modern technology can actually help the defense…assuming the particular defense attorney knows how to use it.

Attorney Sam’s Take On Ways In Which We Use Technology To Help Our Clients

Today, it is easier than ever to represent clients who are either in another state or even another country. Naturally, it is no longer a hassle calling long distance numbers any longer. That is not news.

For years, sending faxes has been commonplace. However, technology has taken us further than that.

The telephone, of course, is no longer the only ways in which we are able to keep in close touch with far away clients. There is email. There is texting. There are programs like “Skype”. We routinely use devices to keep in close touch with clients wherever those clients may be. Need a document? Well, we can either fax it or scan it into the computer and email it. No problem.

“Well, back to the issue of the outstanding warrant, Sam. It is great that you can talk to me if I am out of the country, but can you resolve the outstanding warrant without my having to come back to the States and risk being arrested at Customs?”

Often, we can. Of course, that will depend on the judge, prosecutor, etc. It will also depend on the nature of the crime and your criminal record. However, we have been successful at doing so a number of times.

The use of technology does not end there, however.

You have probably either read the book or seen the movie, The Lincoln Lawyer. Well, our firm does not operate out of a car; we have offices. However, very often we have to handle things while on the move between on court event and another. We have made sure we are up at the edge of technology so that we can be reached as quickly as possible. Our emails go to our phones. Our smart phones also receive texts. Finally, both myself and my primary associate, Attorney Ian Keefe carry iPads so that we can not only deal with incoming matters, but can also Skype and/or do quick research while on the road.

Of course, we do not do this while we are driving. That would be illegal, remember?

“How can you do research while away from the office?”

Very often, we can access what we need through using a pay legal research service or by accessing other documents which we have not only in our computers, but on our “iCloud” as well!

These days, we use our iPads in court as well as paper. It makes things more organized and it makes it easier to communicate with whomever we need to and access case materials we need.

These days, there are also more and more “apps” which are made for a legal practice. We keep an eye on the technology as it develops.

We are also building up the Law Offices of Samuel Goldberg website and have begun sending tweets periodically which may be of interest to our clients. Of course, as this develops, we will tell you more about it.

In the meantime, nothing is more important than providing prompt and quality service to our clients. Using technology to do so not only makes our job easier, but assures greater quality in terms of results.

“What about when my case goes to trial? Does your iPad argue the case as well?”


But fortunately, we have human experts for that..

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