New England Patriots Wide Receive Randy Moss Says He Did Not Commit Battery or Domestic Violence

New England Patriots Football Player Randy Moss says he did not commit battery against the 35-year-old woman who has filed a temporary restraining order against him.

Rachelle Washington is accusing Moss, who she says she had an intimate relationship with, of battery, causing her serious injury, and denying her medical attention during a domestic violence incident that allegedly took place at her Florida home on January 6.

Moss says that Washington just wants to him to give her money. He says that Washington was injured but the injury was accidental. He says that Washington wanted “six figures” from him in exchange for her not making the incident publicly known. Moss says he cannot reveal details of exactly what happened because a lawsuit by Washington may be pending. He says that he has never struck a woman.

The restraining order says Moss must stay 500 feet away from Washington, who he has known for more than 10 years. A hearing on January 28 will determine whether a permanent restraining order against Moss will be issued.

Moss and Elizabeth “Libby” Offutt were charged in a 1996 domestic violence dispute. Offutt is the mother of his children. In the criminal complaint filed by police, Moss is accused of throwing steaming hot water on Offutt and pushing her down repeatedly when she tried to get up from a sitting position.

Moss accused Offutt of hitting and kicking him. The misdemeanor domestic battery charges were dropped after both of them agreed to undergo counseling.

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