I am an attorney who has fielded this question on many occasions for more than 25 years.  Individuals call our firm from all over the Country and even the world, requesting advice and service to clear up their warrants. Having an outstanding warrant can prevent you from renewing your driver’s license.  It can also provide roadblocks and hassles trying to enter the United States  For many years people would leave Massachusetts, knowingly or unknowingly with an open court case or warrant lodged against them.  More and more, in recent years, due primarily to advances in technology, these warrants have surfaced for them and have unfortunately caught up to them. Many times, this comes as a shock to these persons who never knew about the warrant or forgot all about it.  This comes up very often when people are trying to renew their license out of state, but Massachusetts has put a hold on their license.

The short answer to the question is that very often you do not need to come back to Massachusetts to remove the default and warrant, get the underlying case disposed of, and have Massachusetts remove any hold on your license enabling you to renew your license in your particular  Jurisdiction or State.

This can often be accomplished by way of your signing a well-crafted and thoroughly prepared affidavit and allowing your attorney to use that affidavit in place of your personal appearance.   Your attorney can then speak to the assistant District Attorney and Judge and argue the facts and law on your behalf.  On many occasions, the Assistant District Attorney and/or the Judge will permit the warrant to be vacated, your case dismissed and then consequently, have the RMV release the hold on your license, if applicable.

That being said every case is different, of course, and more complicated or serious cases and charges may well require your personal appearance. Almost always, however, we would make an attempt to remove the warrant and handle the case without your initial presence required.  If you find yourself with a notice of an outstanding warrant the best advice to to speak to a Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer to get it resolved immediately.

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Published by Steven Goldwyn, Esq.


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