Nationwide Manhunt for Massachusetts Man in Murder of Medfield Mother Continues

Authorities throughout the United States are on the lookout for Andrew Boisvert, a 37-year-old Bridgewater, Massachusetts resident. Boisvert, a Waltham paramedic, is a suspect in the murder of his ex-wife Margaret Ninos. Ninos and Boisvert have a 7-year-old daughter named Maggie.

Boisvert is currently on the run. The Norfolk District Attorney’s office issued the arrest warrant against Boisvert on Friday and the national alert on Saturday. Ninos, a 47-year-old Medfield resident and obstetrics nurse, died from fatal head injuries on February 6.

Friends and former colleagues say that Boisvert and Ninos were involved in a child custody dispute over their child. Ninos’s friends say that Boisvert didn’t see his daughter a lot. He had custody of his child one weekend a month and got to visit her one Wednesday a month. Boisvert wanted to increase his visitation rights. He had remarried and has another child.

Police say that on February 6, Boisvert called 911 and directed them to Ninos’s home, where the body was found. Law enforcement authorities questioned Boisvert but allowed him to leave the crime scene.

A 2003 report by Jane Doe Inc., (JDI) the Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, considers domestic violence-related homicides to include any of the following:

• The homicide victim and perpetrator were former spouses or intimate partners, adults or teens with a child in common, or adults or teens in a current or former dating relationship.

• The homicide victim was a bystander or intervened in an attempted domestic violence homicide and was killed (including friends, family members, new intimate partners, law enforcement officers or other professionals attempting to assist the victim of domestic violence, roommates and co-workers).

• The motive for the murder was reported to have included jealousy, in the context of an intimate partner or dating relationship.

• A relationship existed between the homicide perpetrator and adult or teen victim that could be defined as exhibiting a pattern of power and control (including family or household members and caregivers).

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