Middlesex Superior Court Grand Jury Indicts Two Former Medford Soccer Coaches on Child Rape Charges

A Middlesex Superior Court Grand Jury indicted Roger Lau and Thomas Heinz, both 26, on child rape charges yesterday. They are accused of raping the same girl.

Prosecutors say that both men assaulted a girl from the under-14 Medford girls soccer league that they were coaching. The alleged Massachusetts sexual assault crimes began taking place in 2003 and the last incident is said to have occurred during the summer of 2004.

The alleged victim, who was then 13 to 14 years of age, told police that she and Lau were sexually involved with each other for over a year. She claims that Heinz sexually assaulted her twice.

Lau was indicted on four counts of child rape by force and Heinz was indicted on one count of child rape by force. Both men have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The two men were arrested last December. They are on pre-trial release and have been ordered not to have contact with children under age 16 unless these interactions are supervised. They also cannot coach or officiate any activities involving kids younger than 16.

Massachusetts Rape Charges
Allegations of rape are very serious-especially if the alleged victim is younger than 16. The state of Massachusetts does not consider an adult having sex with someone younger than 16 to ever be a consensual act and criminal charges can be filed against the adult. Punishments may be even more serious when violence or abuse is involved.

You have the right to an experienced Boston sex crimes lawyer who can defend you against all charges and protect your rights. Even if you are not guilty of committing any crime, your life can be irrevocably altered when you are accuse of rape.

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