Medway Woman Charged with 6th DUI – Held Without Bail

A woman from Medway, Massachusetts is facing charges following her sixth arrest for driving under the influence. The charges will be brought against 52 year old Corinne Zaniboni in Framingham District Court on Wednesday in an effort to deem whether or not she is a danger to the public. Zaniboni was arrested on Thursday following an accident in Holliston where she crashed her vehicle into a stone wall. No one was injured during the incident.

Holliston Police responded to a call for a car accident around 8:30 PM Thursday night at the intersection of Garrett Way and Highland Street. Upon arriving on scene, responding officers found Corinne Zaniboni’s Toyota Camry had slammed into a brick wall along the side of the road. The report for the accident was filed by Holliston Police Sgt. Matthew J. Stone at Framingham District Court on Friday, a day after the accident had occurred.

According to the report provided by Sgt. Matthew Stone, Zaniboni had been attempting to reverse her vehicle when he arrived on scene. She repeatedly apologized to Sgt. Stone saying “I’m so sorry. So sorry about all of this.” It was at this time that Sgt. Stone detected alcohol on her breath and ordered Zaniboni to take several field sobriety tests. Sgt. Stone went on to say that Zaniboni had been slurring her speech during the encounter, and that she had failed each of the sobriety tests he administered. Zaniboni agreed to take a portable breathalyzer test that Sgt. Stone suggested after she had failed the other sobriety tests—she blew a .29 on the breathalyzer, which is well above the .08 legal limits. Portable breathalyzer tests, however, are inadmissible in court. Sgt. Stone has stated that upon arrival at the police department he administered a second breathalyzer test to Zaniboni in which she blew a .30.

Upon her arrival at the police station, responding officers conducted a background check and were alarmed at what they had found. Corinne Zaniboni had been arrested several times prior to the incident that took place on Thursday night, and each of the existing offenses related to drunken driving. In two instances from California dating back to 2012 and 2013 respectively, Zaniboni was involved in two accidents—one of which resulted in bodily injury, and another which had been filed as a hit-and-run causing bodily injury. No information has been provided on what fines or sentences she may have served for her prior arrests.

Following her arrest on Thursday night, Holliston Police officially charged Zaniboni with operating a vehicle under the influence of liquor for a sixth offense, driving to endanger, and a marked lanes violation. During her arraignment this past Friday, Zaniboni’s defense attorney, Francis Doran, requested that Corinne Zaniboni be released until her hearing after she had been fitted with a GPS monitoring bracelet as well as a device connecting to her phone that would monitor her blood alcohol content. The judge ruling for the case, David Cunis, denied Doran’s request and ordered that Zaniboni be held without bail pending her dangerousness hearing scheduled to take place on Wednesday. Judge Cunis stated, in part, “This is a woman with a serious problem.” He referenced her prior arrests which resulted in injury to other individuals as reason to believe she would be unsafe to release back into the public prior to her second arraignment.


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