Mattapan School Bus Driver Turns Traffic Citation Into Motor Vehicle Crimes

How many times have I said it? “All it takes is one very bad day…or bad moment…or bad decision. Mattapan’s Edwin Depeize, a 63-year-old bus driver ( hereinafter, the “Defendant”) had one such moment yesterday morning.

According to reports, the Defendant, a school bus driver, was stopped by law enforcement so that he could be given a Dorchester traffic citation. Apparently, said citation incensed the Defendant. Perhaps he thought such a ticket was beneath him. This theory would make sense because he immediately did everything possible to up the ante.

Rather successfully, I might add.

First, the Defendant allegedly refused to hand over his license and registration. Next, he argued with the police officer who finally ended the “conversation” by telling the Defendant to drive along his merry way. The Defendant did not feel all that “merry”, and so he sped away instead.

Or tried to.

Once the back wheels started spinning, the Defendant is said to have called the officer a “jerk” and tried to speed away. The officer then motioned the Defendant to stop.

No good.

The officer grabbed onto the red stop sign that pops out when the bus is dropping off students. This, too, apparently failed to stop the bus and so the Defendant drove away, leaving the officer behind.


As one might expect, the officer then called the incident in and a police cruiser found the bus a short time later. The Defendant was arrested and charged with familiar Boston motor vehicle crimes, failure to stop for a police officer and reckless driving.

Unfortunately, it gets a bit worse. Law enforcement found out that there was a young child of the Boston public schools in the bus at the time at issue. A special needs young child.

Other than his current criminal woes, the Defendant has been placed on leave and an internal investigation is now being conducted by the Defendant’s (former?) employer.

Attorney Sam’s Take on Fighting With The Police

Perhaps I have not mentioned it more than 35 times this month, but running from, arguing with or fighting with Boston police officers is not a very good idea. In fact, it is a very bad idea.

It is an idea that will ensure your need of a Boston criminal lawyer.

It is an idea that will take you from having to pay for a ticket, and ending the matter, to paying for bail, and just starting the matter.

There are a number of additional criminal charges with which the Defendant may find himself charged. Aside from the fact that he was endangering the child, there is the little matter of the Dorchester assault and battery on a police officer with a dangerous weapon (to wit: the car).

Yes, that would be a felony under Massachusetts law.

Well, I guess we can all have a bad day. When you have one this bad, though, my suggestion is that you contact experienced defense counsel as soon as possible to advise, guide and defend you. The Defendant not only has the criminal charges to deal with, he will have to find away to defend himself in the ongoing investigation at work without incriminating himself.

If he wants to listen to me at this late date…please emphasize the word “experienced“!
If you have had a similar moment and would like to discuss the criminal justice result with me, please feel free to call me to arrange a free initial consultation at 617-492-3000.

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