Mattapan Murders Prompted by Drug Robbery, According to ADA

Dwayne Moore was charged yesterday with four counts of murder and with assault with intent to murder in connection with the shooting executions of four people, including a toddler, in Mattapan. Kimani Washington, Moore’s alleged associate, has been charged with gun law violations, and it is unclear whether he will be charged with murder as well.

The incident occurred two months ago on Woolson Street. The city was shocked when two of the victims were found outside the home, the 2-year-old toddler in his partially-clothed mother’s arms. Assistant District Attorney Edmond Zabin told the Boston Globe that Moore and his associate raided a Sutton Street apartment for money, drugs, a television set, and other items. According to the ADA, Moore had lived there before and knew that he could find drugs there. The victims were held at gunpoint and then marched around the corner where they were shot multiple times, the ADA said. These shootings are part of the spike in violence that has caused politicians, police, residents, and others a great deal of fear and frustration.

Police learned about Moore from an unidentified witness. Moore pleaded not guilty in Dorchester District Court yesterday and is being held without bail. Moore was previously convicted of manslaughter and had been released from prison in the spring. After his arrest on Monday, he told police “I can’t go back to jail. You’re going to have to kill me.” the Globe reported.

There is no death penalty in Massachusetts, but Moore is certainly facing the maximum sentence that the law of our Commonwealth allows. Given the brutality of this execution, the publicity it has received and the outrage that it has sparked, it is clear that Moore needs an excellent defense attorney with extensive experience.

Source: The Boston Globe, Murder of four in Mattapan grew out of a drug robbery, prosecutors say

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