Massachusetts Violent Crimes Are Down…Who Is Responsible?

Sometimes, the themes portrayed in graphic novels (the new name for comic books which sounds so much more impressive) very closely resemble those we see in daily life. Take, for example, the saga of the “Amazing Spider-man“. For those of you ignorant of his story, he was created years ago by Marvel Comics as the first “anti-hero”. While he donned a colorful costume and fought crime with his unique…talents…, he was considered a vigilante and criminal by many people. He was, and is, the misunderstood hero. As I tell most people that my clients are not guilty, merely misunderstood, I suppose I identify with Spidey.

We learn today that another misunderstood entity which is often ridiculed, insulted and feared is the “Brutal Winter Snowstorm“. According to the experts, while we were all complaining about its activities, it was actually fighting Massachusetts crime. In fact, according to law enforcement and other specialists, it did better than merely fight crime… it prevented crime.

Apparently, the total number of major crimes, such as Massachusetts murder, rape, and assault, fell 22 percent this year through March 13, compared with the same period last year. While Boston shootings (nonfatal) are down slightly, the need for burglary attorneys and other Massachusetts theft-related criminal attorneys, have dropped significantly.

“I think these statistics have something to do with the bad weather,” said Jack Levin, professor of sociology and criminology at Northeastern University. “To commit a stranger rape, or robbery or even burglary or vehicle theft, all are going to require, for the most part, going outside. Even criminals get cold.”

Boston Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis agreed. However, he was quick to make sure that most of the credit went to law enforcement which has apparently employed so many new and creative strategies against crime at the same time.

Attorney Sam’s Take On Crime, Weather And Statistics

Personally, I think that the weather’s strategies should be taken into account as much as the ideas set forth by law enforcement. For example, the weather this winter has not merely frozen people in their tracks, making them afraid to become criminal ice cubes. It has also, through the genius plan of changing seasons every other day, kept many of us dizzy as to expectations.

How am I going to plan a Cambridge Home Invaision, for instance, on Wednesday, when I do not know whether I will be at the North Pole or Bermuda? How can I assume that, after a simple Tewksbury robbery, I am going to be able to run away when I do not know if I will be facing slush, ice or a lake?

While the weather and law enforcement battle to decide who gets more credit…perhaps we should call it a “draw”, at least, until the weather decides to get consistently warmer. Then, we can see if the brilliance demonstrated by the police still hold the numbers down as the winter war against crime goes into hiatus.

The fact is that many of these statistics seem to contradict similar studies done not so long ago which this blog has discussed. For example, during really bad weather, Massachusetts domestic violence matters are said to rise. Such matters, of course, can include all of the above-mentioned types of crimes.

In the meantime, however, as I read the papers, unless there is a motion on the table to control the New England weather…maybe we ought to just concentrate on stopping and preventing crimes where and when they do occur.

Because, after all, they still do.

I could suggest that, since we seem to have extra time on our hands while Winter is still out there fighting, we might use the time to consider how to fight crime more thoughtfully, perhpas not always relying on the “kneejerk” assumption that the first conclusion is always the correct one. , I won’t though. Having discussed Spider-man above, I have used up my quota foir fantasy for one blog.

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