Are Massachusetts prosecutors no longer prosecuting illegal drug cases?

There are some people in Massachusetts who seem to believe that their difficulties obtaining and using marijuana are about to become a thing of the past. They see the recent decriminalization of pot and actual legalization of medicinal marijuana to have simplified their lives.

Unfortunately, things do not really work that way. At least, not in the criminal justice system. In fact, the new laws (once they are both finalized) are likely to set many people up for disaster and complicate the situation.

At least, unless you understand the issues.

Attorney Sam’s Take will be following the development of these issues and post several blogs on this subject matter so that we may not only alert you, our readers, but also so we can best represent our clients. There are many types of folks who simply, for medical or other reasons, want to imbibe in marihuana…if they can do so legally. At least, they want to know whether doing so places them at risk.

We plan to be at the forefront of the issue…aiding our clients in setting up all that must be set in order for them to obtain medical marijuana and helping them illuminate the risks.

One major question, of course, will be how one gets a dispensary license and a prescription card. Another will be what one can do with otherwise-legally obtained marijuana at home and in the street. For example, can you share it with a sick friend who is in pain?

Another issue is the conflict between state and federal law. The federal system has not yet recognized any legality when it comes to marijuana.
So…how can you be ok as far as the state is concerned, yet breaking the law as far as federal prosecutors are concerned?

We will be discussing these issues and more in upcoming weeks.

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