Massachusetts Police Chiefs Report on Crime Rates In Arlington, Woburn, Lowell, Lawrence, and Other Cities

Massachusetts police chiefs says the cities of Lowell and Lawrence are among the cities in the state that experienced a slight decrease in crime. Woburn and Arlington saw the biggest increase in total crimes committed from January to June 2007.

The group, made up of Massachusetts police chiefs, says most municipalities with 40,000 residents or more saw a 2% increase in crime during this six month period. Arlington, however, saw a 38% increase in crime with 354 crimes committed from January to June 2007. 256 crimes were committed during the same time period in 2006).

Crimes in Boston decreased by 1%. Brookline and Brockton experienced an 11% decrease-the largest drop in the state. Crime in Medford dropped 8% while crime in Woburn dropped 11%.

Felony crimes, including motor vehicle theft, homicides, theft crimes, and burglary and some misdemeanor crimes, such as larceny under $250, were among the crimes factored into the study. Violent crimes and property crimes increased in cities where an increase in crimes was noted.

On Friday, Massachusetts Governor Deval. Patrick met with Harvard University students and community leaders. He promised the students at his alma mater that he would direct more funds toward preventing crime. He also vowed to develop a strategy to fight crime.

At the meeting, the Harvard Black Student Association and Harvard Black Men’s Forum, and Operation Greensboro-an anti-violence group-asked Governor Patrick to commit $50 million to fighting crime in the six most violent Massachusetts cities. Patrick, however, would not commit to an amount.

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