Massachusetts Personal Care Aid Says She Is Not Guilty of Stealing From Disabled Youth

In Massachusetts, a personal care aid pleaded not guilty to over 24 charges related to the theft and use of a debit card meant for a legally blind and deaf teenaged girl. Kerri A. Ryan is accused of using the card between January and April of this year to get cash to buy food, gas, and alcohol. Ryan, however, says that part of her job in assisting the 15-year-old girl was to shop and prepare meals for her.

The girl’s mother, Risa Costello-Falvo, is accusing Ryan of stealing the card, getting access to the PIN number, and using the card to take out almost $2,000. The Department of Revenue provided her daughter with the debit card, which automatically deducts a $100 from the girl’s father for child support.

Ryan allegedly used the card to make 41 transactions. Costello-Falvo says she didn’t realize the transactions were being made because she had put away the card for future use. Ryan had worked for Costella-Falvo on and off for the last four to five years, but she has not worked for her since February.

Ryan, who was not arrested, was released on personal recognizance and will appear in court for a pretrial hearing in August. Effective May 3, the state of Massachusetts has revoked her license to practice nursing for at least five years.

Charges that Ryan faces includes seven counts of larceny under $250 and trying to commit a crime, eight counts of improper use of a credit card under $250, one count of receiving a stolen credit card, a count of larceny over $250 with one scheme, and larceny by check greater than $250.

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Health aide accused of theft from disabled teen,, July 17, 2008

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