Massachusetts Man in Wheelchair Was Sitting on Guns, Say Boston Police Following Illegal Weapons Possession Arrest

In Massachusetts, Boston police made six arrests in connection with a robbery. One of the men who was apprehended, 22-year-old Edwin J. Prosper, was charged with several counts of unlawful weapons possession after police caught him sitting on three 9mm semiautomatic handguns while in a wheelchair. The arrests occurred on Saturday as Boston police officers were investigating an armed robbery report involving two men who say that a group of men confronted them and stole their cell phones.

The robbery victims chased their assailants to an apartment building on Pilsudski Way, where they were held at bay by two people with guns. The victims then ran from the scene but returned with police who entered the building and brought out six males and three females.

Only Prosper was apprehended with any weapons in his possession. One of the handguns he was sitting on has laser sight and the other two have high-capacity magazines. At the time of the arrest, Boston police say it was unclear whether the 22-year-old was disabled, hurt, or using the wheelchair as his prop.

Prosper is scheduled to be arraigned at South Boston District Court on Monday. Four of the other men and a 15-year-old boy face charges of intent to rob and armed assault.

Illegal Weapons Possession
In Massachusetts, it is against the law to own a weapon if you don’t have a Firearms Identification Card. In order to obtain an FID, you have to pass a federal NCIS check.

Even if you are arrested for a crime that has nothing to do with the gun in your possession, ou could face criminal charges for illegal weapons possessionif you don’t have the legal paperwork authorizing you to own or carry a gun in Massachusetts.

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