Marcos Colono of Cambridge Indicted in Home Invasion

Marcos Colono, a 32-year-old Cambridge man, was indicted Thursday in Middlesex Superior Court on two counts of rape of a child by force, two counts of home invasion, armed assault with intent to murder, and other charges. Prosecutors claim that Colono raped an 11-year-old boy and stabbed his father during a home invasion. His Superior Court arraignment date has not been set.

Rape of a child by force is punishable by up to life in state prison, and there is a 10-year mandatory minimum if a defendant was armed with a firearm, rifle, shotgun, machine gun or assault weapon at the time of the offense. Rape will be “rape of a child by force” when the victim was under the age of 16. That age element is the only difference between the two crimes.

The punishment for a home invasion conviction can be between 20 years and life in state prison. Home invasion means going into another person’s home while knowing or having good reason to believe that the person is home and staying there with a dangerous weapon or using or threatening to use force upon the person.

Armed assault with intent to murder is punishable by a 5-year mandatory minimum in state prison and up to 20 years.

Given the severity of these potential punishments, you should call an experienced criminal defense attorney if you have been charged or suspect that you are under investigation for any of these crimes.

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The Boston Globe: Cambridge man indicted on home invasion

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