Man caught with stolen property and an unattended toddler

On Thursday, September 13, 2012, police confirmed finding a man passed out in his car, head resting against the steering wheel. A toddler of only two years was jostling about in the back seat, and eight stolen GPS units rested in a bag by the man’s side. Police arrived at the Abington store parking lot at approximately 10:30am to find Alex M. Casnas, 24, of 160 Plymouth Street, Holbrok, MA, after several people called to report a man passed out at the wheel with a small, unattended child in the car. Several shoppers reported that they witnessed Casnas sleeping with the driver’s side door open and his feet upon the ground.

Along with the eight electronic devices found in a Dunkin’ Donuts bag, the police also discovered an empty prescription bottle in the car. During a press release, Abington police confirmed that Casnas “awoke to the sound of the officer’s voice and the officer immediately noticed a problem and summonsed Abington fire EMS to evaluate him and the well-being of the child, which was of [the] utmost concern.”

Casnas faces charges in connection with the stolen electronic devices, and new charges may be levied once it is confirmed where the GPS units were lifted from. Several thefts from cars were reported that morning, including the removal of GPS units.

The plot thickened when the mother of the child arrived on the scene. She claimed to be shocked by the entire turn of events as she was inside a Target store applying for the job. Casnas was supposed to be looking after her child while she filled out an application.

What hits me hardest about the story is the involvement of a child, in any capacity. Not only does it make me wonder if child endangerment charges become a serious possibility here, but I also marvel at the act of committing a crime with a child present, and that it isn’t that rare of an incident. Just last month, a couple was charged in Leicester, Massachusetts for shoplifting at a Walmart with their children in tow. Leicester Police Chief Jim Hurley called the scene “horrific.”

But what I actually think is more commendable and worthy of attention is that several shoppers who could have just gone on about their business chose to take a moment to notify the authorities. It seems like a small matter now. But with a two year old, essentially, left to fend for him or herself, I think it speaks volumes about how much good people can do with just a little effort and concern about others. If any new developments come about with this case, I’ll be sure to keep you abreast.

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