MA Lawyers Needed To Arraign Suspects Arrested For Drugs, Sex And Racing In Impressively Named Police Investigation

Police in Springfield have Impressed criminal justice onlookers this past weekend. They went out a-hunting and made 50 arrests which should keep the local district court humming for a day or so. These arrests were for the most serious crimes, of course. They range from drug possession to prostitution all the way up to drag racing!

According to, there were so many people arrested between Friday and Saturday mornings that the police ran out of jail cells.

No, this was in no way accidental. Law enforcement did not happen to “get lucky” during said period and happen upon a sudden crime wave. No, this was planned. As we have seen so many times, when confidence seems to wane in the local constabulary, something must be done to remind the rest of us that the thin blue line is alive, well and protecting us from evil.

And so it was that 20 extra police officers were put on the streets so that a new criminal sweep with a pretty name could be performed. This time, it was “Operation Blue Heat”. It was said to target gang members, drug dealers and…worst of all…the sex trade. Of course, this type of sweep generally includes ( or is primarily comprised of) alleged prostitutes. They seem to offer little resistance and give the resulting media exposure more “bang for its buck”.

No pun intended.

Anyway, the folks of Springfield can sleep more soundly tonight, with possessors of drugs, high-speed records and paid-for satisfied smiles on their faces brought to justice.

“Operation Blue Heat” went so well, Police Sergeant John Delaney says that they are planning similar crackdowns for the coming months.

With this many dangerous criminals swept up in so short a time, you may wish to find out when the sequel, “Operation Steaming Blue Thunder” or whatnot will be performed.

…and then, I guess, stay indoors and perhaps under your beds until said date arrives.

Attorney Sam’s Take:

It is hard to imagine that, with this many felons and future felons so easily swept off the streets that there are not this many such arrests made every night! In fact, it makes me wonder how anybody gets any crime accomplished at all in Springfield with such an active and zealous police department.

But then, I remember what seems to motivate our criminal justice system. It is then that I remember, as discussed yesterday, that media exposure is the name of the game.

I am not criticizing the typical on-the-street cop here. I am sure they do their best. However, said daily “best” does not bring the heroic accolades that are important to the top brass and to law enforcement politicians. Fancy-named police operations do…especially when they make so many arrests of the hell spawn like prostitutes and drag racers.

“Aw, come on, Sam. Aren’t you being a bit unfair here? After all, they try their best. It’s not the officers’ fault that they are not able to find so many criminals every night.”

You could be right. I do not live in Springfield, after all. There may well be a local tradition on the beginning of every Columbus Day Weekend for the local criminal element to all come out and play. Kind of like a annual convention like with Comicon or Star Trek.

Perhaps that explains the timing and success of “Operation Blue Heat”.

Yes, I’m sure that was it.

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