Lowell, Massachusetts Man Pleads Guilty to Assaulting His Baby

In Massachusetts, a Lowell father that pleaded guilty to assaulting his own son will serve 18-months in a house of correction and 5 years probation. Ty Chan entered his plea in Lowell Superior Court for assault and battery on a child causing serious bodily injury.

The incident occurred on the morning of November, 17, 2007. Lowell police were summoned to an apartment in Middlesex Street following a report of domestic assault. Chan’s 22-month-old son was there and bleeding. According to witnesses, Chan bit his son’s lip.

The 26-year-old Lowell resident says he took cocaine and ecstasy that day. He was arraigned two days after the incident.

Domestic Violence in Massachusetts
Physical violence inflicted on one family member by another is considered domestic violence. Massachusetts law makes it mandatory for law enforcement officers to arrest anyone accused of domestic violence-regardless of whether or not they are guilty of the crime. Many cases of domestic violence are not always what they seem, which is why it is important for the accused to get legal help as soon as possible.

Massachusetts Domestic Violence Statistics:

• There were 42 domestic violence-related murders in 2007.
• 13 suicides.
• There have been about 29 domestic violence-related deaths in Massachusetts (so far) in 2008.

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General Laws of Massachusetts

If you have been arrested for assaulting anyone, including a family member, you are entitled to be represented by an experienced Massachusetts criminal defense team that will examine the evidence in your case on your behalf and work towards the best outcome possible for you. Contact Altman & Altman LLP today.

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