Lowell Police Break up Marijuana Ring – Recover 62 Pounds of the Class D Drug

Police officers in Lowell, Massachusetts are being credited with breaking up a marijuana distribution ring that had been conducting business across Lowell for months prior to the arrests made last week. Lowell Police arrested two men in connection with the drug ring they had been monitoring closely over a period of time. During the arrests they were also able to recover approximately 62 pounds of marijuana from the suspects.

Accordingly to preliminary reports provided for the case, Lowell Police were able to track down and arrest 29 year old Brian Leduc and 29 year old Kevin Ros after law enforcement officials stopped the vehicle they had been traveling in on Westford Street in Lowell. Police officers believed that the vehicle was being used to distribute marijuana to different locations of the drug ring throughout the city. Shortly thereafter, police officers issued search warrants for the two men and began investigating the vehicle in question. It was at this time that nearby Chelmsford Police brought in one of their K9 police members and the dog was able to successfully identify the presence of illegal drugs inside the car.

Police officers searched the vehicle and found 50 pounds of marijuana inside. Following this discovery, they later searched a residence located at 105 Gates Street and further recovered an additional 12 pounds of marijuana from the home. It was not made clear at this time if the residence on Gates Street had been occupied by either of the two apprehended suspects.

The two men were released on an undisclosed bail amount and were expected to be arraigned in court for their involvement in this drug distribution ring, though their level of involvement was not immediately disclosed. Their arraignment was slated to take place Monday in Lowell District Court. Brian Leduc is formally being charged with trafficking in marijuana and distribution in a Class D substance. Kevin Ros is formally being charged with illegal possession of a Class D drug with the intent to distribute. No official word has been given on the sentences these charges will carry for the two men.

Further details on the investigation have not been provided at this time. Although Lowell Police have stated that they have been performing surveillance on this particular drug ring for months. This surveillance is what led them to the information they needed in order to arrest the men present in the vehicle last Friday. They have not officially identified any additional suspects in relation to the drug operation.

Once Lowell Police officers had acquired the necessary search warrants to further investigate this matter, they were able to positively affirm the assumption they had been working under; there was a large scale drug distribution operation taking place in their town, and they took the necessary steps to prevent it from continuing onward. Law enforcement officials are saying that the arrest of Leduc and Ros has broken up the ring that had recently been plaguing their city.


Additional information may be found at the following links: http://www.lowellsun.com/breakingnews/ci_28653924/lowell-cops-bust-pot-distribution-ring


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