Juvenile Crimes: 5 Teenagers Charged with Burning 15-Year-Old

A 13-year-old and four 15-year-old boys are charged with aggravated battery over the attack on 15-year-old Michael Brewer that left him with burn injuries on 65-80% of his body. Brewer was doused with rubbing alcohol before his body was lit on fire.

Witnesses allege that 15-year-old Matthew Bent was the instigator of the attack, which the say occurred because of a feud over money owed and a stolen bike. Bent was arrested while stealing the bike when Brewer called the cops on him. He was released from a juvenile center on Monday.

At around 3pm that day, police say Bent, brothers Jeremy and Denver Jarvis, 13 and 15, Jesus Mendez, 15, and Steven Shelton, 15, got a bottle rubbing alcohol and went to an apartment complex where they encountered Brewer. The 15-year-old reportedly tried to leave but the other boys allegedly surrounded him and poured the alcohol on his body.

Mendez then allegedly used a lighter to set Brewer on fire. Brewer ran to the complex pool and jumped in.

In addition to aggravated battery, Mendez is charged with attempted second-degree murder. If Brewer dies from his burn injuries, all 5 teens, who already have juvenile crime records, could be charged with murder.

The Jarvis brothers and Bent are being held in a juvenile detention center for 21 days. Their criminal defense lawyers say they were “minimally” involved in the attack against Brewer and that the boys didn’t fully comprehend the seriousness of what occurred. The Jarvis’ lawyers want their clients to undergo a mental evaluation.

Juvenile Crimes
Getting arrested for any crime can be frightening for anyone. It can be especially intimidating and confusing for a juvenile, who may not fully understand the charges or exactly what transpired. An experienced Boston juvenile crimes lawyer can help you and your son or daughter get through this stressful time and work toward the best outcome possible for your child’s criminal case.

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