Under Investigation by Massachusetts DEA?

If you find yourself at the center of a DEA investigation, your first step should be to contact a skilled criminal defense attorney immediately. DEA stands for Drug Enforcement Administration, an agency that was created in the mid-70s to combat an increase in drug-related crime. The DEA is tasked with the enforcement of illegal drug laws. To achieve this goal, DEA agents apprehend offenders and prosecute for civil and criminal crimes.

Depending on the type and quantity of the drug in question, some drug cases require mandatory minimum sentences in Massachusetts. The most common drug offenses in MA are drug possession and drug trafficking. Read on for more information about how the DEA operates in the United States and abroad. And if you are facing drug charges, contact a Boston criminal defense lawyer today.

DEA Authority

The main role of the DEA is to reduce drug crime and the problems that typically accompany it. To do so, the DEA:

  • Operates a drug intelligence program at the local, state, and international levels.
  • Enforces anti-drug laws.
  • Reduces the availability of illicit drugs.
  • Cooperates with other organizations, such as the United Nations and Interpol, to enforce international anti-drug initiatives and policies.
  • Provides educational programs aimed at reducing U.S. drug abuse through the Demand Reduction Program.
  • Monitors prescription drug activity to reduce illegal distribution.
  • Helps drug crime victims and witnesses through a program called Victim-Witness Assistance.
  • Maintains a list of the Most Wanted Fugitives of drug offenders in the U.S. and abroad.

DEA Intelligence

Three types of drug intelligence are collected by the DEA – strategic, tactical, and investigative – and each type serves a unique purpose. Tactical information is used to make arrests and seizures. Strategic intelligence allows for the creation of effective policies, and investigative data is used during prosecutions. In order to effectively reduce drug crime, more than 680 Intelligence Analysts are positioned in multiple locations across the globe. If you have been charged with any type of drug crime, contact a MA criminal defense attorney today.

All pharmaceutical manufacturing and sales are closely monitored by the DEA’s Office of Diversion Control. To ensure that prescription medications aren’t diverted for illegal use, the Office of Diversion Control requires that workers who handle controlled substances must always:

  • Register with the DEA
  • Keep thorough records
  • Follow all drug security rules

In addition to enforcing the requirements above, this office also monitors and enforces international import-export treaties.

Demand Reduction

The DEA created the Demand Reduction Program (DRP) to reduce the global demand for drugs. This three-tiered approach combines law enforcement, treatment, and prevention through educational information, school programs, and websites. For example, JustThinkTwice.com is a website written for teens and GetSmartAboutDrugs.com is an educational tool for parents.

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