Homicide Toll Rises with 2 Killed Over the Weekend

Boston’s homicide toll continued to rise as two were killed over the weekend. Thomas Whitley, a 30-year old Roxbury man, and an unidentified teenager were killed, marking the 62nd and 63rd homicides this year. At this time last year, the homicide toll was 43.

Whitley, a father of four, was stabbed on Saturday night on 60 Dearborn Street. He was later pronounced dead at Boston Medical Center. Witnesses told the Boston Globe that Whitley and another man went into Dearborn Liquors together where they got into a fight that continued out to the street. The call to police first came in as an attempted robbery.

The teenager was shot on Mascot Street in Mattapan on Sunday morning. He too was pronounced dead at Boston Medical Center.

With this ongoing violence, the pressure will continue to mount on law enforcement. When that happens, the pressure on you also grows. Pressure from superior officers, prosecutors, and law enforcement politicians will affect police investigations and feed their fear and their “us vs. them” attitude.

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The Boston Globe: City’s homicide toll climbs to 63 with stabbing, shooting

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