Fugitive Bomber is Arrested in Quincy, Massachusetts While Taking a Nap

Yesterday, US marshals, Boston police, and Quincy police recaptured Thomas A. Shay, the fugitive bomber who served 10 years in prison for the 1991 Roslindale bombing that killed one Boston cop and injured another. Shay was discovered yesterday at his mother’s home in Quincy where he was taking a nap. He had been on the run for the past year.

Shay, 35, had been convicted of plotting to make a homemade bomb that was planted under his father’s car. On October 28, 1991, the bomb went off while Boston Police Bomb Squad members were examining the vehicle in a Roslindale driveway. Officer Jeremiah J. Hurley Jr. was killed in the explosion. Hurley’s partner, Officer Francis X. Foley, became permanently disabled and unable to work after losing an eye in the bomb blast.

In April, Alfred W. Trenkler, a friend of Shay’s that had also been convicted in the bomb-making plot, got his sentenced reduced from life in prison to 37 years. Trenkler has always maintained his innocence.

Shay had been released from prison in 2002 after serving 10 years of a 12-year sentence. Since then, however, he has been accused of regularly violating the terms of his federally supervised release. He was returned to prison in 2005 after leaving a halfway house and assaulting a Northeastern University officer.

In 2006, he was arrested in Spencer on state charges of selling narcotics to a teenager and stealing from another teenager. A fugitive warrant was issued in his name after he fled. Authorities say that Shay occasionally disguised himself as a female to avoid being recognized.

The US Marshal Service has looked for him in Maine, Chicago, New Hampshire, and in different areas throughout Massachusetts.

US Magistrate Judge Marianne B. Bowler has ordered that Shay be held without bail. A hearing regarding whether he should be ordered back to prison has been set for July 24.

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