Former Teacher Pleads Guilty to Massachusetts Statutory Rape of 15-Year-Old

Lisa Lavoie, an ex-Holyoke elementary school teacher, has pleaded guilty to Massachusetts statutory rape and enticing a child. The 25-year-old woman is accused of running off with a 15-year-old eighth grader. Lavoie, who has been released until her sentencing next month, is not allowed to contact the teenager. Police discovered Lavoie and the teenager in a hotel room last year after the two of them had gone missing for about a week.

The boy, who was at the hearing in Hampden Superior Court on Wednesday, submitted a statement asking for leniency for Lavoie. While the prosecutor says he is seeking a 3- to 5- year prison sentence, Lavoie’s Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer wants probation. He says that his client pled guilty so that the teen wouldn’t have to testify.

Massachusetts Statutory Rape
Allegations of Massachusetts rape-especially those involving the alleged rape by a legal adult of someone under the age of 18-can be tough to combat without experienced legal help.The punishments and penalties can negatively impact a defendant for life. The statutory rape law involving child victims under the age of 16 can be punishable with a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Conviction for a Massachusetts sexual crime will cause your name to be permanently placed on the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board. Regardless of the specifics of your Boston sex crimes case, having your name on this registry can negatively affect your personal and professional life.

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