Former New Bedford Teacher is Not Guilty of Child Rape, Says Massachusetts Jury

A jury has found Michael D. Holden, a former Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational-Technical High School teacher, not guilty of two counts of forcible rape of a child. The alleged victim, who is now 20-years-old, had accused Holden of driving her to a parking lot, and, while in his SUV, forcing her to have sex and perform oral sex on him in 2004.

In January 2005, the school fired Holden after 14 years of employment. He also coached the boys volleyball team.

Holden’s criminal defense lawyer had accused the alleged victim of making up the allegations because the former teacher failed her for school work, recommended that the school suspend her, and admonished her several times for not dressing appropriately and being disruptive during class.

Following the announcement of the jury verdict, Holden expressed relief that he was exonerated.

Forcible Rape of a Child
In Massachusetts, a conviction of forcible rape of a child can lead to a lifelong prison sentence. This is considered a serious sexual offense and a violent crime. If you are under investigation for this crime, it is important that you consult with a Boston criminal defense lawyer right away.

Even as a suspect in a Massachusetts rape case, your reputation, career, and personal life can be thrown into turmoil. It is important that you have a legal team that knows how to provide you with the best defense.

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