Following Charlie Sheen’s Arrest for Alleged Domestic Violence, Wife Brooke Mueller Wants Restraining Order Against Him Modified

Brooke Mueller, the wife of actor Charlie Sheen, is seeking to have the restraining order against her husband modified. According to, she wants a judge to allow the two of them to be able to contact each other so they can work on the problems in their marriage. Her attorney reportedly told TMZ that his client and her husband still love each other and that the alleged dispute occurred during “one bad night.”

The 44-year-old TV actor was arrested on Christmas Day following an alleged domestic violence dispute with his wife. Sheen was charged with criminal mischief, assault, and menacing with a deadly weapon. Mueller told authorities that Sheen threatened her with a knife after telling him she wanted a divorce. The two of them reportedly had been arguing for several hours.

Sheen, however, is denying that he strangled his wife or held a knife to her. Police officers found a folding knife locked in an open position in the actor’s travel back.

Meantime, Stan Rosenfield, Sheen’s spokesperson stressed the importance of not jumping to conclusions over what may or may not have happened.

Sheen was released early on Christmas evening after he posted $8,500 bond.

Domestic Violence
Altercations between couples can be complicated and most situations are never clear-cut. This can create problems for a person who is accused by another of domestic violence. Even if the alleged victim decides to recant his or her accusations, the accused can still be charged and convicted for this crime.

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