FBI 2006 Crime Report Cites Boston, New Bedford, Springfield, and Worcester as Massachusetts Cities with Most Violent Crimes

The FBI has issued its annual Uniform Crime Report. For the state of Massachusetts, the FBI reported that the following cities had the highest number of reported violent crimes:

Boston: 7,533 violent crimes Worcester: 1,496 violent crimes Springfield: 2,260 violent crimes New Bedford: 1,143 violent crimes
Not every Massachusetts city contributed data to the report. In the Metro South area, the cities with the highest number of violent crime reports included:

Quincy: 305 violent crimes Randolph: 156 violent crimes Taunton: 290 violent crimes
Also, according to the FBI, violent crimes increased nationally by two percent. Murders in big cities across the U.S. rose by 1.8%, and arson and robberies also grew in the bigger population areas. The number of reported theft and car crimes, however, decreased.

The FBI says that the new data shows that violent crimes are increasing in the United States. The Justice Department attributes the rise to an increase of youth violence, gangs, and guns. The Bush Administration has promised to spend $50 million to fight guns and gangs.

The Massachusetts Law Enforcement Agency also issues a Uniform Crime Report. Here are the following rates that it provided for crimes committed in Massachusetts in 2006:

Violent Crimes: 28,775 Murder: 186 Property: 153,913 Forcible Rape: 1,742 Aggravated Assault: 18,800 Robbery: 8, 047 Larceny-theft: 100,771 Burglary: 35,181 Vehicle theft: 17,961
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