Everett Man Charged in Halloween Beating

Carmen Picardi, a 39-year-old Everett man, pleaded not guilty today to charges of mayhem and armed assault with intent to murder. He was arraigned in Boston Municipal Court and held on $75,000 cash bail.

It is alleged that Picardi attacked a woman with a baseball bat in Boston on Halloween. It is also alleged that he was dressed as a member of a fictional gang from the 1970s movie “The Warriors,” a cult classic about New York City gangs seeking out members of the Warriors after they are falsely accused of killing a gang leader. The person who attacked the woman was allegedly wearing face paint, a wig, and a baseball uniform while he hit the woman with a Louisville Slugger. The woman was badly injured and needed 50 staples.

Images from surveillance cameras were collected by police, which led them to Picardi. Picardi was arrested on Friday in his home on Highland Ave.

The anonymity of Halloween always invites crime. On the facts of this story, it is very unclear what led police to Picardi given the fact that the attacker was in full costume, and it seems that identity will be an issue in this case. At any rate, mayhem and armed assault with intent to murder are two violent felonies. They carry severe punishments and are taken very seriously by prosecuting attorneys. As far as mayhem goes, a defense lawyer will usually try to raise doubt about intent to disfigure as this can be hard to prove. Assault with intent to murder can also be difficult to prove because of a specific intent element. A criminal defense attorney can make a world of a difference in these kinds of cases.

Source: The Boston Globe, Everett man charged with attacking woman on Halloween with baseball bat.

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