Dorchester Teen Pleads Not Guilty to ’09 Massachusetts Murder of Another Youth Outside YMCA

19-year-old Sherman Badgett is being held without bail. The Dorchester teenager has pleaded not guilty to charges of Massachusetts assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, first-degree murder, and unlawful possession of a firearm. Badgett is accused of fatally shooting Aaron Brown, also 19, on August 29, 2009 outside the Dorchester YMCA.

According to authorities Brown, Badgett, and Tyree Draughn, 18, became involved in dispute while at the YMCA dance. Draughn, who is charged with and has pleaded not guilty to the charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and accessory after the fact, allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at a group of people.

The teenagers were ordered to leave the YMCA and that was when Badgett allegedly pulled out a gun and fired three shots. One bullet struck a wall, another hit another victim’s ear, and the third one hit Brown. Badgett and Draughn were not apprehended until several month’s after Brown’s shooting death.

First-Degree Murder
First-degree murder is considered one of the most serious crimes and can come with a maximum lifetime prison sentence without the chance of parole. Bail is usually denied in these criminal cases.

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Boston man pleads innocent to YMCA slaying, Boston Herald, June 15, 2010
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