Donated Toys Stolen from Burlington Warehouse

Toys collected for Toys for Tots, a program that provides gifts for children in need, were stolen from a Burlington warehouse facility between 2a.m. and 6:30 a.m. on Saturday. The 1,500 stolen toys were valued at $15,000.

According to police, the thief or thieves took only toys that were appropriate for children 8 –years-old or older and worth between $15 and $30. A container of toys that were donated to the State Police was “attacked,” but nothing was stolen from it, according to the Boston Globe.

The donation period for Toys for Tots ended on Friday, and police expect that even if replacement toys are donated, there will not be enough time to sort and distribute them. State Police are, however, collecting toys and checks for Toys for Tots at their barracks.

There was another toy-program theft in New Hampshire in late November of this year. A door was apparently jimmied and $500 of toys and clothing were discovered to be stolen. In that instance, a local radio station organized a fundraiser which raised more than $7,200 in one day alone.

The holiday season, which leads to financial difficulty for many, gives rise to what one newspaper called “the 12 crimes of Christmas.” Burglary and larceny, as seen from the incidents above, are among the crimes of the season. Some of the other common holiday crimes include: domestic violence, drunk driving, robbery, traffic assaults, car theft, hit-and-run, and identity theft.

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