David Copperfield Says Grand Jury Leak in Rape Investigation Undermines Case

The defense attorney for Magician David Copperfield say that a Grand Jury leak in the celebrity’s rape investigation case has undermined the investigation and unfairly defamed his client’s reputation.

A 21-year-old Washington State woman is claiming that the 51-year-old magician raped her over a 2-day-period at his 150-acre resort in the Bahamas. She also is accusing him of striking her and threatening her before placing her on an airplane.

The 51-year-old magician has not been charged with any crime. The leak, however, could contaminate any jury pool if he is charged, and destroy his reputation.

The woman claims that a member of Copperfield’s entourage approached her and her family at one of the magician’s performances on the West Coast. They were given special seats and she was invited onstage during the performance.

She claims Copperfield invited him to his Bahamas retreat. When she returned from her trip, she filed a police report and was examined at a sexual assault center.

The FBI has searched a Las Vegas casino hotel room and the magician’s warehouse. They confiscated a computer hard drive and a digital camera.

Copperfield’s attorney denies that he raped anyone.

A rape charge is considered a very serious criminal offense.

Celebrity Trials
When a celebrity is charged with a crime, the case is usually very high profile and attracts a great deal of media attention. Some analysts express concerns that celebrities convicted of crime get special attention and that the public and juries can’t help but have biased feelings about a celebrity defendant.

Usually, defense attorneys will have to work extra hard to prove that their celebrity clients are not guilty. Any leaks could taint any potential jury pool. Criminal investigations and trials involving celebrities tend to be very costly for everyone involved and even if a celebrity defendant is exonerated, the damage to his or her reputation or career may be irreparable.

Whether you are a celebrity or a private citizen accused of committing a crime, you should hire an experienced criminal defense attorney that can properly defend you against any charges.

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