Crime Rate in Boston, Massachusetts Went Down in 2007

The city of Boston is reporting a lower crime rate for 2007 than in 2006. The Boston Police Department offers the following statistics comparing the number of crimes that occurred from January 1 – December 23, 2007:

Vehicle theft and attempted vehicle theft: 34,008 in 2006; 354 in 2007.
Larceny and attempted larceny: 16,405 in 2006; 16,782 in 2007.
Burglary and attempted burglary: 3,994 in 2006; 3,708 in 2007,
Aggravated assault: 4,351 in 2006; 4,166 in 2007.
Robbery and attempted robbery: 2,657 in 2006; 2,200 in 2007,
Rape and attempted rape: 285 in 2006; 267 in 2007,
Firearm-related arrests: 718 in 2006; 657 in 2007.
Nonfatal shootings: 321 in 2006; 271 in 2007.
Murder by firearm: 52 in 2006; 51 in 2007.
Homicide: 73 in 2006; 66 in 2007.

Detectives in Boston made arrests in 25 of the 66 homicides that occurred last year. There were 1,230 less reported crimes in 2007 than in 2006.

The type of crime where there were more incidents last year than the year prior is larceny-due in large part to a 300% increase in stolen GPS systems. More than 1,000 GPS systems were stolen last year.

Also, four of the deadly shooting crime victims were juveniles under 14 years of age. There was only one shooting crime victim that young in 2006.

BPD Commissioner Edward F. Davis says he is confident the crime rate will go down further in 2008. Boston police are encouraging residents to drop the ‘stop snitching’ culture that exists.

In 2007, police received 612 anonymous crime tips and 476 text messages between June and December. Boston Police are working on setting up a cold case department that would focus on unsolved homicides.

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