Convicted Massachusetts Rapist Claims He Isn’t A Pedophile

In an interview with the Patriot Ledger, convicted Massachusetts Level 3 sex offender Alvin B. Fields Jr. says he is not a danger to his community. Fields, a Plymouth resident, appeared in Plymouth District Court last week after he was apprehended for taking his clothes off in front of an Old Navy at a Massachusetts mall. In the last four years, Fields has been arrested a number of times for exposing himself in public. In 2005, he was convicted for statutory rape.

Fields says he never exposed himself in front of the Old Navy store. He also says that he did not know that the teenager he slept with, leading to his Massachusetts rape conviction, was only 13. He says that he pleaded guilty in that case and was given a lenient sentence due to extenuating circumstances.

Fields’s victim, however, says that she met him at a Quincy parking lot and he served her alcohol. She says she passed out and woke up to find Fields having sexual intercourse with her.

He was sentenced to a two-year prison term and a lifetime of parole, which means he could go back to jail for another arrest. However, the charges against him involving public exposure are not offenses that can be applied under this parole.

Levels of Sex Offenders in Massachusetts
Level 1: The Sex Offender Registry Board finds that the chance of the offender committing another sexual offense is low, as is his or her degree of dangerousness to the public.

Level 2: The Board considers this offender’s risk of reoffense and dangerousness to be moderate.

Level 3: The sexual reoffender is considered at “high risk” for reoffending and his or her degree of dangerousness to the public is determined to be substantial.

Fields was on Massachusetts’s 2006 10 Most Wanted Sex Offender list because he did not register as a sex offender.

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Levels of Sex Offenders,
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