Church Choir Director Accused of Massachusetts Sex Crime

Thomas DeBlois, a church choir director, was arrested on Saturday for alleged sexual misconduct. The 47-year-old Woburn man is charged with the Massachusetts enticement of a child. Now, pending the outcome of the criminal investigation, the Archdiocese of Boston has placed him on leave without pay.

DeBlois, who is St. Charles Borromeo Parish’s music and choir director, has worked there since 1992. He used to be a music teacher at the parish’s elementary school.

All parish volunteers and employees that work with children must undergo criminal background checks each year. The last time DeBlois was screened was in January. At the time, he had no criminal entries on his record.

DeBlois’ arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday. If convicted, he could be facing a maximum five years in prison and a lifetime as a member of Massachusetts’s sex offenders registry.

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