Child Porn Charges Against Second Grade MA Teacher

According to media reports, David Ettlinger-a second grade teacher at Newton public schools-was arrested this week on child pornography charges. Recent updates indicate that Ettlinger, 34, is now also facing charges of indecent assault of a child under the age of 14.

Several sexualized images of minors were allegedly found on the teacher’s home computer at his Commonwealth Avenue residence. Image(s) of a 12-year-old family friend, as well as a video of Ettlinger having sexual contact with a female minor, were also allegedly discovered on the laptop, which was seized by investigators. According to news reports, multiple pairs of young girls’ underwear were found in his residence as well
The Underwood Elementary School and the surrounding community are quite alarmed about the charges, but no evidence has been found that Ettlinger’s students have been victimized. Reports suggest that Ettlinger, who has taught with Newton public schools for 12 years, otherwise appears to have a clean criminal record. He was apparently a popular teacher at the school.

Child pornography crimes are aggressively prosecuted by state and federal authorities in an effort to protect susceptible minors. Knowing Purchase or Possession of Child Pornography is one of two major pornography crimes in Massachusetts. A first offense is punishable by up to 5 years in a state prison and up to $10,000.

If you are facing charges of child pornography or indecent assault on a child, you should contact an experienced MA criminal defense lawyer.

Newton, Mass. teacher faces child porn charges
,, January 18, 2012

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Newton teacher faces 2 sets of child porn charges,, January 17, 2012

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