Chelsea, Massachusetts Court Clerk Charged in Boston Court with Receiving Sexual Favors from Prostitute in Exchange for Dropping Her Case

In the US District Court of Boston, Chelsea Court Clerk James Burke has been charged with one count of deprivation of rights under the color of law one count of attempted deprivations of rights under the color of law. Burke, who works in Chelsea District Court as an assistant clerk magistrate, is accused of forcing a hooker to have sex with him in return for dropping her case. He has been suspended from his position until the Massachusetts criminal case against him is resolved.

The hooker involved appeared in Chelsea District Court in December 2008. She later told her attorney that Burke had dropped a previous case against her in 2005 after she she performed oral sex on him in the courthouse.

The woman, who in court papers is referred to as a “cooperating witness,” participated in an FBI probe against Burke. During a recorded conversation, he talked about their 2005 sexual incident and tried to schedule another encounter with her.

A seven-page affidavit accuses Burke of soliciting the prostitute three times. A second solicitation allegedly occurred in 2006 when the prostitute was back in jail. The woman says he told her he would help get her out but he did not follow up with her after that conversation. During the conversations that were recorded last December, however, Burke allegedly told the prostitute that he had talked to the district attorney’s office and he was going to help her resolve her case.

Massachusetts Prostitution-Related Charges Can Include:

Soliciting sexual favors
• Offering sexual favors in exchange for money • Convincing a minor to have sex in exchange for money or other favors • Living off prostitute earnings • Hiring a person to work as a prostitute • Running a house of prostitution • Streetwalking • Drugging or detaining a person to perform as a prostitute

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