Chelsea Man Arrested in Fatal Stabbing; Police Investigate Another Chelsea Homicide

Dennis Bowen, a 22-year-old Chelsea man, will be arraigned today in Chelsea District Court on charges that he fatally stabbed Carlos Ramirez, a 30-year-old Chelsea man, on Thanksgiving. State police arrested Bowen on Saturday night. Bowen had turned himself in to police after a Chelsea District Court judge issued a warrant for his arrest.

It is alleged that Bowen stabbed Ramirez in the chest outside of 759 Broadway in Chelsea a little bit before 11 a.m. on Thursday. Chelsea Police Captain Keith Houghton told the Boston Globe that several people witnessed the incident and that the stabbing followed an altercation that the police are investigating. State police are looking into the relationship between Bowen and Ramirez as a “key element.” Ramirez was well-known to police and Bowen has a “very limited” record, according to Houghton.

Authorities are also investigating Friday’s discovery of a body in an apartment on Bellingham Street in Chelsea. The owner of the building found the body in the hallway of his first- floor apartment after an employee was unable to get into the apartment for a scheduled cleaning. The victim’s name and cause of death have not been released, but police are conducting a homicide investigation.

Defenses to murder charges are extremely involved and, probably more than any other crime, require the skill of an expert criminal defense lawyer. Here, the alleged altercation will be important (more so if identity isn’t the issue) because it could raise self defense issues or questions about reasonable provocation. The fact the Ramirez was well-known to police could play into the issue of whether Ramirez was the first aggressor or whether a defendant reasonably believed that his life was in danger, but a defendant must always be careful about door opening.

Source: The Boston Globe, Man arrested in Thanksgiving day fatal stabbing as police investigate another homicide

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