Cameron Douglas, Son of Michael Douglas, Gets Reduced Sentence of Five Years in Prison for Drug Conviction

Cameron Douglas, the eldest son of movie star Michael Douglas, is sentenced to five years in prison sentence. Earlier this year, the 31-year-old had pleaded guilty to distributing large quantities of methamphetamine and cocaine.

Although Cameron’s drug crime conviction comes with a minimum 10-year prison sentence, his father, mother, stepmother Catherine Zeta-Jones, grandfather Kirk Douglas, and other family members wrote to the court asking that the judge show leniency and reduce the young actor’s criminal sentence.

In a letter to the judge, Michael Douglas explained that his family had a history of alcohol and drug abuse and that being the son of a movie star dad undoubtedly created added pressures in Cameron’s life. The 65-year-old actor also noted that his son, who has been in jail for the last 8 months, is now sober.

Cameron was arrested last year after a drug raid was conducted on his New York hotel room. According to investigators, he was paid tens of thousands of dollars to traffic methamphetamine across the US. He used shippers to conduct the transactions.

Because Cameron had cooperated with authorities, the length of his prison term didn’t have to meet the mandatory minimum sentencing requirement. The judge, who had discretion in the matter, decided to reduce the actor’s sentence.

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