Brockton Man Accused of Massachusetts Armed Robbery and Kidnapping of Escorts He Found through Craigslist

Luther M. Henderson has been arraigned on charges of Brockton, Massachusetts armed kidnapping, armed robbery, and witness intimidation. The 35-year-old man is accused of robbing a female escort that he had contacted through Craiglist at gunpoint.

On July 9, Henderson allegedly offered to pay her for her sexual services. At the house where they were to meet, he allegedly held her at gunpoint, told her to take her clothes off, made her put on zip-cuffs, and stole her money, laptop, purse, and cellphone from her car.

Henderson is also under investigation in connection to another Massachusetts armed robbery crime, also involving an escort contacted through Craigslist. The woman was also told to take off her clothes before her kidnapper stole from her.

Massachusetts Kidnapping
The crime of kidnapping in Massachusetts involves the illegal and forcible imprisonment of someone against his or her will. The kidnapping can occur within the state or involve taking someone out of state. A conviction for Massachusetts kidnapping comes with a maximum 10-year prison sentence-15 years, if the victim is younger than 16. A conviction for armed kidnapping comes with a mandatory 2 ½ year sentence if the case goes through the district courts. If it goes through the superior courts, then conviction comes with a 10-year prison sentence. Kidnapping another person with the intention of extorting money comes with a maximum sentence of life in prison.

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