Brockton High School Student Is Arrested For Assault And Battery With A Dangerous Weapon After Knife Fight

A Brockton assault and battery matter has just occurred under the type of circumstances that all parents fear. It resulted from a high school knife fight in which someone was injured.

The other was arrested for the Massachusetts dangerous weapon assault charge.

Of course the Brockton high school campus fight was not the first one between the participants in the story. It apparently took place after the same 18 year old students were escorted to the housemaster’s office because of an earlier physical altercation.

As of this writing, One of the students is resting in a local hospital and the other stands facing Massachusetts felony charges including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Attorney Sam’s Take On Assault And Battery With A Dangerous Weapon And Students

Schools have been getting a good deal of attention when it comes to violence these days. If it is not Massachusetts bullying, it is some drug or weapons possession. As a result, schools are taking “no nonsense” positions with anything that can bring such danger.

As well they should, I suppose, so long as they try to keep a reasonably cool head in terms of punishment.

Here, however, the matter is out of the school’s hands. The matter is being handled by the criminal justice system. In typical fashion, it is the person who apparently won the fight facing the charges. While I have no knowledge of the origins of this fight, one would imagine that, when two fights are involved, two people are fighting. However, there is no mention of charges facing the young hospitalized gentleman.

The scary thing is that, too often, kids do not understand the potential for destruction, both to their own lives and others’, by bringing any weapon to school. It is too easy for circumstances to get out of hand and, by the time the dust settles, someone lying injured or dead.
The one who had the weapon, particularly if uninjured, ends up facing very serious felony charges.

Talk to your kids, folks. It is quite difficult to clean up the damage after it is already done, both in terms of physical injury and criminal records.

And if said damage has already happened…all you can do is try to minimize the damage.

That’s where someone like me comes in. Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

If not sooner.

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