While we await word on the verdict from the Sandusky trial, other crime stories exist. Here is Attorney Sam’s Take on one of them.

As you will recall, security at airports has intensified in recent years.

This is particularly so the past 11 years since 2001. Personal liberties and privacy rights have taken knock after knock when it comes to security on a plane or in an airport.

Nevertheless, some people still seem to believe that they will never get caught (allegedly).

Take a certain man and woman who were arrested yesterday morning at Boston’s
Logan International Airport. At issue were the 500 grams of prescription
painkillers and approximately $9,000 recovered.

According to Suffolk County prosecutors, one of them had the drugs while the other had the money which was supposed to be used to purchase the drugs.

Somehow, law enforcement had some kind of information that the sale was supposed
to take place. The case is now pending in Charlestown District Court
Attorney Sam’s Take On Drug Trafficking And Airports

Actually, one thing this Boston criminal lawyer can tell you is that the defendants are lucky that the case looks like it will be prosecuted in state court. Because the crimes were happening in an airport, and it seems to be alleged that someone flew over from another state for the sale, it could be
brought in federal court.

Of course, we still do not know that it won’t be. In fact, I have handled
matters in the past where federal law enforcement makes a deal with low-level
trafficking conspirators to leave a prosecution in state court, where the
penalty will be less, in return for information on those higher up in the “food
chain”. What will happen in this case, we simply do not know enough to guess at
this point.

“Sam, why the arrest? This was not cocaine or ecstasy or something like that.
It was normal prescription drugs.”

Yes, and this is a point that is often misunderstood by people. Prescription
drugs are legally sold and bought…under certain circumstances. Those
circumstances include a valid prescription and a lawfully licensed seller of the
drugs. Otherwise, it is just as illegal to possess and sell as illegal drugs.

Apparently, it is alleged that these two defendants do not meet that criteria.

Not that any place is a good place to commit a crime, but an airport is one of
the last places one should look to bring contraband or engage in criminal
behavior. One’s rights against search and seizure issues are at an all-time low
there. There are also often the presence of drug-sniffing dogs. Generally,
people also communicate via cell phones in an airport and such calls can be
picked up by law enforcement with relatively little effort.

And so, as we await word on the Sandusky verdict, remember that other types of
cases are still being prosecuted all around us. All the more reason for you

Have a great, safe and law-abiding weekend!

Oh yeah…and keep cool!

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