Boston Radio Host Pleads Not Guilty to Massachusetts Charges of Running a Red Light and Driving with a Revoked License

In Framingham District Court, WTKK radio host and Boston Herald op-ed columnist Michael Graham attended his arraignment today where he pleaded not guilty to charges of running a red light and driving with a revoked license. Graham was apprehended on Friday as he was headed to work. A police officer reportedly placed the radio host in handcuffs and took him to the police station upon discovery of the license issue.

Massachusetts registry officials say Graham’s Virginia driver’s license had been revoked due to insurance matters. He reportedly had until November 2008 to deal with the license revocation matter but failed to do so.

Graham claims he does not know why his license was revoked but that he may have failed to properly cancel his insurance. The radio host says that he has a Massachusetts driver’s license and a clean driving record in this state.

Now, the Graham wants his case to go to trial. He is complaining that the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles neglects to tell drivers when a driver’s license has been revoked or is expired. This is Graham’s first arrest.

Driving with a Revoked License
In Massachusetts, driving with a revoked or suspended license is considered a crime. In many instances, a person may be driving with a suspended or revoked license and not even know it.

Driving with a suspended or revoked license in Massachusetts can result in time in jail, financial penalties, and the furthered suspension of one’s driver’s license.

The best way to combat such charges is to speak with an experienced Boston traffic violations law firm who can protect your rights and combat the charges against you.

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