Boston Police Officer, Accused of Robbing A Roslindale, Massachusetts Gas Station, Was Off His Medication

The criminal defense team for Officer Michael T. Jones, the Boston Police Department veteran, says that his client was not taking his medication and was drunk when he used his BPD-issued weapon to hold up a gas station in Roslindale, Massachusetts.

Officer Jones, 44, was arraigned on armed robbery charges for allegedly robbing the Best of Boston gas station last Friday and stealing $125 in cash after threatening employees at the station with his gun. Jones also allegedly tried to rob a man upon leaving the station.

Jones has pleaded not guilty to the five armed robbery charges, including assault with a deadly weapon. His criminal defense lawyer is citing diminished capacity as a factor in Jones’s case.

A 20-year-old veteran of the BPD, was arrested near his parents’ home some 30 minutes after the robbery took place. He had moved back home to help take care of his father, who has cancer. Jones was placed on administrative leave from the police force after his arrest and has been ordered to give up any weapons.

Diminished Capacity
A diminished capacity defense contends that a defendant may not have been capable, due to mental impairment or disease, of consciously reaching the mental state necessary to intentionally commit the crime that he or she is charged with. A successful diminish capacity claim can lead to reduced charges.

Armed robbery cases involve the use of a weapon to commit the act of robbery-whether at a residence, a bank, a store, a business, or on the street. In Massachusetts, it is not necessary to actually have a weapon to be charged with armed robbery. Merely threatening someone by telling him or her you have a weapon while attempting robbery can constitute armed robbery.

An arrest for armed robbery is a serious offense in Massachusetts. Depending on the circumstances and seriousness of the crime (and whether this is the first or a repeat offense) an armed robbery conviction can lead to anywhere from 5 to 20 years in prison.

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