Boston Firefighter Apprehended for Alleged OxyContin Drug Crime

A Boston firefighter was apprehended by police on Friday for allegedly purchasing OxyContin from a drug dealer that had been under police surveillance. Firefighter and Dorchester resident William Boyle has been ordered to appear in District Court for the alleged possession of a Class B substance.

Boston police say that a District-C Drug Control Unit Detective saw Boyle make the alleged deal with drug dealer Stephen Puglielli at the Broadway MBTA station. Boyle allegedly called out to the approaching detective, “I didn’t do anything, I am a Boston fireman.”

Police say that he dropped a cellophane wrapper with 5 OxyContin pills, But Boyle alleges that they planted the evidence. At the Boston police station, officers allege that Boyle told them that he bought the pills for $200.

Boyle has served as firefighter with the Boston Fire Department for over 10 years and is also a Vietnam veteran. He has been on injury leave.

Puglielli, a well-known drug dealer and a Southie resident, has been arrested for allegedly dealing drugs. His arraignment is schedule for today. Puglielli is a repeat drug offender.

Boston firefighter in Oxycontin sting, Boston Herald, April 28, 2008
Disabled firefighter accused in drug buy,, April 28, 2008

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