Boston Attorney General Indicts RMV Clerk For White Collar Crimes

Yesterday, I had to go to a local Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. Now, I am a lawyer. I have some idea of how some of these things should work. I am also somewhat knowledgeable about the system, bureaucracy and red tape, including how simple things can be made very unsimple. The result? I walked out about 2 hours later (the ticket I was handed said I would be seen in 8 minutes) and with my goal still not reached. Not only that, but this inconvenience resulted in the first time I saw the clerk perform what I took to beng the closest she ever came to a smile.

What can one do? Well, today I can take the small step of delivering a blog about the RMV!

Well, sort of.

I direct your attention to Framingham, where sits a Middlesex grand jury which has returned indictments recently against Mr. Ahmed S., 30, (hereinafter, the “Defendant”). He had been arrested a month earlier due to an investigation which apparently revealed that he was falsifying drivers’ licenses, the AG’s office said.

In fact, the AG’s investigation began last November. The Defendant, a former clerk of the Framingham and Watertown Registry of Motor Vehicles, wound up charged with 10 counts of falsifying an operator’s license, attempted falsification of an operator’s license, identity theft, and bribery.

The Defendant is accused of creating fraudulent licenses at both branches for a fee, after allegedly taking authentic drivers’ licenses and changing the photo and other identifying information. According to the AG’s office, he allegedly created at least 10 fraudulent driver’s licenses.

The next stop for the Defendant will be the felony arraignments in superior court.

Attorney Sam’s Take:

Well, I must confess I could make some connection between the Defendant’s Registry-related problems and my own. Gotta be honest, though, despite most peoples’ opinion of my chosen profession. There are no such connections…just a semi-opportunity to vent.

“Speaking of professions, Sam, you picked a good one to vent about. After all, you are not the first to return from Planet Registry with tales of attitude and inefficiency.”

Yes, but, alas, that is not what this blog is really about. Perhaps I will concentrate on the adventures of Samuel Goldberg in another blog some time. Today, though, the focus is on you, not me.

I lost a couple of hours of my time at the RMV; you could lose years if you make mistakes similar to that of the Defendant.

Of course, I do not know whether the Defendant is factually guilty or innocent…or somewhere in between. I do know, though, that, at this point (actually sooner) he had better have experienced counsel. As usual, this refers to my usual advice…at the first odor of a criminal investigation – get a lawyer fast.

The chances are that the Defendant, if factually guilty, never expected to get caught…somehow. If innocent, he probably never dreamed that he would be facing such allegations. Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe it was a vendetta. Maybe the butler did it.

Either way…get an experienced criminal defense lawyer for advice and representation.

As always, if you are facing such a scenario and wish to discuss it with me, please feel free to contact me at 617-492-3000.

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NOTE TO READERS: Ok, I know that today’s blog is a bit light hearted. Just wait until tomorrow’s posting. Absolutely nothing funny about that one.

NOTE TO RMV: Since I have to return today with more paperwork, I feel obliged to tell you that this was all in fun, no hard feelings, I love you all and, please, keep doing the wonderful and thankless job you do each and every moment!

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