Boston Attorney Gary Zerola Acquitted of Charges of Assaulting a Cop and Urinating in Public

For the fourth time in a year, Boston attorney Gary Zerola has been acquitted of criminal charges. Last week, a jury found Zerola found not guilty of assault and battery on a police officer, urinating in public, and disturbing the peace.

The 37-year-old ex-prosecutor, who was once called People magazine’s “Most Eligible Bachelor,” was arrested last June on the night the Boston Celtics beat the Los Angeles Lakers for the 2008 NBA Championship. Zerola maintains that he was rifling through his wallet and counting his money when he heard someone approach him from behind.

He says he ran off after hearing footsteps behind him and was struck by a baton. He says he stopped moving after he saw that it was a police officer. He says that it was then that about half a dozen cops beat him with batons.

Zerola says he never laid a hand on any of the cops that night. He also claims that he was not urinating in public. His statements contradict the account of Boston police Sgt. David O’Connor, who has accused Zerola of hitting him before running off.

Zerola’s criminal defense lawyer, however, reportedly was able to obtain surveillance footage showing the 37-year-old Lynn native running some 60 feet in front of the cop. The attorney says that police officers struck his client on the head and in the back several times. Zerola has not filed a police brutality complaint.

A plea agreement was in the works until the jury acquitted him.

Last year, Zerola was acquitted of rape and attempted rape in cases involving two 19-year-old Massachusetts women in the Boston area. In Florida, prosecutors dropped criminal charges against him over the rape of an 18-year-old woman.

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