Billerica Man, a Former Teacher, Pleads Guilty to Federal Child Porn Charges

Lawrence Follett, a 46-year-old of Billerica and former Boxborough elementary school teacher, pleaded guilty in federal court to child pornography possession charges and is scheduled to be sentenced on March 8. Prosecutors say they’ll recommend that Follett serve 2 years and 3 months in federal prison and 10 years of probation after his release.

Federal investigators executed a search warrant on Follett’s home in 2008 based on tips from Swiss authorities. In August of that year, Interpol had started an investigation into child pornography and obtained user addresses that had been accessing a child pornography site. One address allegedly downloaded 101 pornographic videos depicting young boys for $500. ICE Cyber Crimes Unit allegedly traced it to Follett’s Billerica address. Investigators allegedly found more than 200 movies and images of child pornography on a computer and thumb drive in the home.

Federal child pornography possession charges carry a maximum sentence of 20 years. If Follett had been charged under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 272 Section 29C, his maximum possible sentence would have been 5 years in state prison.

As is alleged in Follett’s case, most child pornography possession cases involve the Internet or some other electronic communication, which gives rise to federal jurisdiction because it crosses state lines. The federal government is adding and assigning an increasing amount of U.S. Attorneys and FBI agents to investigate and prosecute child pornography crimes. If you think that you are being investigated for any crime, it is important to speak with an attorney.


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