Beverly Man Pleads Not Guilty to Massachusetts Drunk Driving and Child Endangerment in Car Crash that Injured His Toddler

Dana Kessel, 40, has pleaded not guilty to the charges of Massachusetts child endangerment, third-offense drunken driving, and driving to endanger. The charges are related to a car crash that left his 2-year-old son with serious injuries. Kessel was arraigned in Salem District Court.

The Beverly resident crashed his minivan into a utility pole on Saturday. His son, who was with him at the time and not wearing a child safety restraint, flew into the dashboard. The little boy suffered internal bleeding and sustained a head wound.

According to police, Kessel, who failed several field sobriety tests and couldn’t remember his son’s name or age, was arrested. His blood alcohol content, which was tested at the police station, was over twice the legal limit.

A judge has ordered Kessel to undergo a 30-day alcohol treatment program. He also was ordered held without bail at a state hospital pending a dangerousness hearing. Kessel’s driver’s license was suspended for five years because he refused to complete a chemical breath test.

Kessel’s criminal defense lawyer says that his client admits he has a problem with alcohol and will “comply with his treatment.” If Kessel is convicted, this will be his third OUI offense. He faces a mandatory minimum 150 days in jail and his license would be revoked for 10 years.

Massachusetts Drunk Driving
It is important that you take your arrest for Boston drunk driving seriously. A guilty judgment can impact your ability to drive, your insurance, career, ability to earn a living, and personal life and land you in jail. There are steps that an experienced Boston drunk driving defense attorney can do to help secure the best outcome possible for your criminal case.

It is important that after you are arrested for a Boston DWI or OUI that you refrain from driving if your license has been suspended, show up for court when ordered to be there, and not discuss your Massachusetts criminal case with anyone but your defense attorney.

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