Bedford MA Home Invasion Suspects Remain at Large.

An armed home invasion in Bedford, Massachusetts has left three individuals with various non-life threatening injuries. According to preliminary reports provided by the Bedford Police Department, three additional men broke into the home of the three victims at approximately 2:00 AM on Wednesday morning. The apartment where the altercation occurred is on the second floor of a shop located on North Road in Bedford.  The suspects fled from the scene before police arrived—and now Bedford Police are requesting help from anyone who has information pertaining to the invasion.

The men who were injured in the attack are all in their twenties and they all suffered non-life threatening injuries. After police responded to the home invasion, the three victims were transported to a local hospital where they were further interviewed for information that could be helpful in identifying their attackers. Bedford Police Chief Robert Bongiorno issued a statement to reporters saying that he believes that these attacks are not random. Based on evidence acquired from the initial investigation, Chief Robert Bongiorno surmises that the home invasion and subsequent assault are possibly drug related or could have been an attempted robbery. He believes that at least one of the three suspects that carried out the attacks knew one of the victims personally, perhaps through a work connection.

During the altercation one of the victims suffered a gunshot wound to the leg, while the additional two victims were beaten. A further detail on the gunshot victim’s condition and the extent and nature of the injuries suffered by the other victims was not made immediately available.

According to the Bedford Police Chief Robert Bongiorno, this is the first shooting related incident that has taken place in Bedford in over ten years. Bedford prides themselves as being a family-friendly town—a place that provides safety and security to its residents. Officials involved in the primary investigation are stressing to fellow citizens that Bedford is still a safe environment for them to live. The invasion that took place was an isolated incident, and one that took place between six men who likely have some type of history with one another. The Bedford Police do not feel as though there is any cause for further alarm. However, they are also emphasizing the importance of people coming forth with any information they may have on the invasion or the suspects themselves. They have provided a tip hotline at the following number: 781-275-1212.

Chief Bongiorno wants to highlight that he and his police force are working diligently to collect all possible evidence in order to find the people responsible for this attack. He wants the citizens of Bedford to know, “We will aggressively pursue these suspects and bring them to justice.”

Since the police do not have any solid leads on the suspects at this time, no arrests have been made. It is also unclear at the present moment what exact charges will be brought against the men who orchestrated this invasion.  Home invasion are very serious and and the defendants are often facing significant jail time, if you are being investigated for such a crime is generally a very good idea to contact a Boston criminal defense lawyer as soon as you find out you are being investigated.

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